THE EARTH Health Organisation quotes that 80% of the earth's inhabitants today will depend on plants to take care of common ailments. Having said that, I have high blood pressure, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and am on 5 ltrs of air 24/7. My feet and really all over swelling but my ft are huge. My doctor is wanting to improve my BP meds to get rid of hydrolozine and add clonidine. I also take lobetolol. At one point my BP was 210/105 in a healthcare facility so I have major problems. I tried to buy and download a publication on natural BP to log off the BP meds but the website was awful and so was the service. I never got the booklet. My son tagged me on Facebook for you. Sorry to write so much but I must say i need help.

Now for an detected treatment using saline nose rinse. Several years ago, I have been talking to a nun as i noticed that she was massaging the interior spot of her eyesight which she used something to clean the exudate. I asked her about it and she explained that she got some sort of cyst for a long time. I just happened to say a prescribed medicine that I experienced used for my vision problem, and at that time a monk walked by and probably overheard. Two months later, I talked with her again and noticed that she seemed to no longer contain the eyelid problem. I asked her about it and she described that the monk had been an M.D. before vows and he previously recommended she use a saline rinse out with Neti pot.herbal remedies for common cold

Inhalers may be helpful in alleviating nose congestion. Inhalers can be commercially manufactured or inhalation therapy can be carried out by pouring warm water in a dish and inhaling the heavy steam vapors that surge faraway from it. Many natural agents can be used as inhalants. Eucalyptus essential oil, peppermint oil, spearmint essential oil, and menthol are just a few that contain proven successful for many people. Even the smell of a freshly cut onion can have powerful decongestant effects.

I'm gonna try the ginger with honey and lemon drink - sounds appealing. I'm currently possessing a bad cough (very dried out) for approximately 2 wks now. I understand for sure it isn't pneumonia or other serious microbe infections because I'm actually active and match no breathing difficulty except this coughing which is so bothersome. Have been attempting various varieties of cough remedies from clinics but no help in any way. Thanks for sharing these remedies.

You might have heard that ear canal attacks can be triggered by long, floppy ears, going swimming, moisture, dirt or scalp in the hearing canal. But there a wide range of canines with floppy ears that swim every day (like mine) that don't get ear microbe infections - it could raise the risk, but hearing infections are seldom just ear microbe infections … they're often a sign of your much deeper problem.